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The Creative Cats

Maggz Tinsel

Content Creator

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"After graduating from FIU I realized the degree I had earned no longer interested me because it lacked creative outlets. So I decided to to go work for my father's toy company and something about playing with dolls all day made me realize my true passion was in branding. I enjoyed photographing the toys and writing out content for the website. As a result I learned about SEO and how combined with customized content, the brand awareness for the company began to grow. Ever since I've enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to tell a marketable story with the content I create."

Yoel Tinsel

Visual Artist

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"I've always had a sharp eye for aesthetics.
They say Virgo's are the best critics, and I believe they were on to something there. I love bringing my thoughts to fruition, and showing how I see the world. During my college experience Maggz and I would throw ourselves into concept art projects and the synergy of our work spoke volumes. It's funny, clients always find it peculiar how we are able to work in perfect harmony with rarely saying a word.We are team no sleep. Binging projects to perfection.

Art is the unapologetic way to express oneself."