Lets create an aesthetic.

We’re in it
for the bigger picture,
and the details
that make it up

BCC is more than just a group of visual artists, we’re a creative collective.

Let us create a tangible representation of the thoughts that keep you up at night. We are a team of concept specialists that want to work in-house with brands in order to create a cohesive and visual narrative of their brand. 

      From initial ideas to beautifully crafted content.

Brand is essential to growth on social media. According to statistics, every major brand posts a minimum of 4 times a week across social media platforms. 

This is vital in order to retain and engage customer base; and grow it. In a time where the biggest audience is online, a brand can easily be forgotten if they fail to remain relevant.

It is important for budding brands to consistently post    marketable material across all their social platforms.  

Here at Black Cat we listen closely to each brand in order to strategically create content that emphasizes the most marketable aspects of the brand. 

We strategically use our skillset in web design, photo/video, graphic design and branding to help our clients form a marketable online presence. 

The Collective

The Creative Cats behind Black Cat Content

Maggz Tinsel

Content Creator. Experienced in visual brand development,
web design,
videography & photography.

Yoel Tinsel

Visual Artist with an affinity for detail.
Specializes in social media, project concept, development & management.

Steph Tinsel

Graphic Designer.
Specializes in logos, illustration and marketable graphics.